What To Do if I Locked My Car Keys in the Boot of My Car?

Locking your own keys inside your car is one thing, keys locked in the boot is another. This is a common issue for drivers around the world. One moment you left your keys inside the boot to carry something off and the next moment you absentmindedly closed it, leaving your keys inside. If former articles talk about the eerie feeling of creeping dread when locking your keys inside your car, locking your keys inside the boot of your car is another monster entirely. Fortunately, there are several options for you to choose from to get your keys out of the boot, the only problem will be the amount of time to get the key out. Getting your keys off the boot of your car takes hours off your day. If you’re a very busy person, be prepared for what will happen.

Deadlock Feature

This is one reason why getting your keys locked in the boot of your car is a bad situation. This is a feature of most modern cars. Whenever a deadlock feature is engaged, it makes it very hard to open the doors of a car. Essentially, a deadlock centers on a feature where the inner door locks are disconnected from the locking mechanism. This makes manually opening cars a headache, you can only open your car with your key if this happens. This feature has a habit of happening when you remove your keys out of the ignition. If this happens, the only option now is to call for an auto locksmith. When calling for help, be specific about your situation. There are auto locksmiths who specialize in this type of situation.

Call Auto Locksmiths

This must be the first thing to do if you locked your keys in the boot. The boot of your car was built different, it was built to be a safe place to store items and to make theft nearly impossible. Be sure to call an auto locksmith, regular locksmiths can get inside your car through the door but getting inside your boot may need specialized people.  However, be prepared that this will be a long process. With modern car manufacturers creating cars to be more secure, it will a lengthy wait before they will get your boot open.

Boot Release Button

If somehow your car doors aren’t locked, you could use the boot release button inside the car. A feature that many modern vehicles have. The location of it varies from car to car however, generally, it is found on the driver’s side of the car.

If your car doesn’t have this feature, you may gain access to the boot of your car by folding your seats down and crawling in towards the boot.

Spare Key

Locking your key in is very stressful and in a very stressful situation, people tend to forget they have a spare. If you happen to have a spare key on hand, good for you. But, if your spare key is at home and you’re ways away from it, that may be a problem. If you’ve lost both you’re main and spare key, order a new one. This will not be a quick process, we talked about this in detail in a previous article, “Replacing Remote Car Keys“.

Boot Release Override

This an option for people with automotive experience. Use a battery, your car battery for instance, with the fuse box of your car to produce an electrical short that will unlock your boot. Searching this method online will show detailed information on how to do it. If you’re a visual learner, there are some videos with a step-by-step process on how to do it. Warning, this is only for people with automotive experience.

Break the Boot Lock

This option should be your last result. If you exhausted all possible remedies and if you’re in a hurry, this a quick yet expensive solution. You can either break the main lock or go through the back seats. Doing this might only take an hour or so, but in this hour a lot of damage can be done, and a lot of money can be wasted. Again, only use this option as a last resort.

Be Sure to Not Let This Happen

To make sure that this never happens is to always be mindful of where your keys are. Always check your pockets before opening and closing the boot. If not, always have a spare on hand. You can be creative on where you can place and hide your spare. If you left your spare inside the main body of the car and you left your main in the boot, you could break in the car first to take the spare and use it to unlock the boot. We’ve made an article on how to get inside a locked car, “How to Get Keys Out of Locked Car with Automatic Locks“. Please remember, locking your keys in the boot of your car is very different if you locked your keys in the main body of the car. With the information detailed above, be prepared that this will consume a lot of time and effort to solve this problem.

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