Of the over 2 million used cars sold every year in the UK, only a small proportion were sold with at least two key-fobs. While a few of these new car buyers are wise enough to visit an auto locksmith such as Car Keys With Ease – Northern Ireland, to get a spare key, the remaining larger number still drive around with just a single key. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that about 40% of motorists in the UK do not have a spare car key. Whether for security reasons, due- diligence, or other good reasons in-between, car owners need to have at least one spare key.

With that said, below are 10 top reasons to have spare car keys.

1. Cost-saving

If you have once lost a key to your home and need to get help from a locksmith, you will understand that their services could be a bit expensive. Getting another spare key from a local dealer garage or a reputable auto locksmith while you still have at least a functioning one will save you money in the long run. Also, an auto locksmith will have less work to do as they won’t need to remove any lock for you to gain entry to your car.

2. Peace of mind

Even if you are the only one driving your car, and no extra key is being used, it still pays to keep one spare key somewhere safe. It eliminates the worry that surrounds losing or misplacing a car key since you already have a backup option. Overall, you have peace of mind when you visit www.carkeyswithease.com.

3. Easier for two drivers

There are instances where you share a car with another driver, and using just a single key can increase the risk of losing the car key. But if each driver can have their car key, there will be less chance of the drivers forgetting where the key is. Additionally, they won’t need to wait to get the key from the other driver.

4. Time-saving

Uncertainties can happen at any time, and regrettably when you least expect it – like when you are running late for work or need to catch up with an important appointment. If you misplace your only car key, you could be delayed and potentially see you go without your car. And for an auto locksmith to come to your rescue, this will also take another time, probably from 24 hours to 7 days. But when you already have a spare key from www.carkeyswithease.com, you will save time and can later come back to look for the misplaced key in your home.

5. Convenience

Having a spare key will save you the stress of waiting for an auto locksmith plus the need to tow your car into a dealer’s garage.

6. Driver comfort settings

Having more than a car key has loads of benefits. Some advanced smart car keys feature user comfort settings. This implies when the car detects a smart car key, it automatically adjusts to any pre-defined settings, like radio volume, mirror position, and seat position. Each driver can have their comfort settings stored in their car keys. If you want such a smart car key, www.carkeyswithease.com should always come to your mind.

7. Quick cloning

No more waiting for days to have your car keys cloned. A reliable auto locksmith can easily duplicate some car keys in minutes. They only need to place the key in a cloning machine and then produce the exact duplicate of your car key. Before you lose your car key, make sure you take it to a local locksmith shop and confirm if it’s a key that can be duplicated easily.

8. Substitute for snapped

Car keys are likely to snap and bend due to improper handling. If your car key bends or snaps, you will be thankful and have nothing to worry above if you have a replacement key kept somewhere safe.

9. Vehicle security

If your car key is stolen, then your car is at risk of the key thieves locating and going away with your car. They can probably find your car before you could reach out to auto locksmith. But if you have a spare key, you can effortlessly access your car and drive it to a safe location for key replacement and erasure of the stolen key.

10. Access keys locked in the car

It is possible to lock keys in your car accidentally. Without a spare key to unlock your car and retrieve those keys, you will remain at the mercy of an auto locksmith. Likewise, in the winter months in Northern Ireland, a large number of drivers lock their keys in a running car while defrosting the car windscreens. Whichever the case, having a spare key will save you money, time and effort in gaining access to your car.

Final thought

With the ten reasons mentioned above, I hope you are more than convinced on the importance of having another replacement key. If you are still going about with only one car key, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact www.carkeyswithease.com to get a replacement car key today.