Automobile Dacia S.A., or simply Dacia, is a Romanian automobile manufacturer named after the historic region that now makes up modern-day Romania. The business was founded in 1966. The Dacia brand is named after the Romanian forefathers’ homeland. Renault inked a licence arrangement with the company in 1966. Dacia’s goal was to make contemporary, reliable family automobiles accessible to all Romanians. Pitesti, Dacia’s main factory, opened in 1968 and began production with the Dacia 1100 model (based on the Renault 8).

The Dacia 1300 (Romanian Renault 12) commenced production in 1969, after it was shown at the Paris and Bucharest motor shows the same year. It lasted for five decades, until the last 1300 were produced in July 2004. It was restyled seven times and produced in a variety of van configurations through the years. The Pitesti factory produced approximately two million Dacia 1300s in total. The Dacia corporation became part of Renault’s Dacia-Lada business unit in January 2021.

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