How to Get Keys Out of Locked Car with Automatic Locks

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than locking your own keys inside your car. Fortunately, there are ways for you to unlock your car without damaging the car’s door or hiring a professional to lockpick or duplicate your key.

WARNING: Tips and instructions of this article are only for emergencies. Car Keys with Ease does not promote nor condone car theft.

Locked Car Doors

The difficulty of opening lock car doors depends on the locks installed on the vehicle. Usually, cars with manual locks are much easier to unlock with long and flexible objects like a wire coat hanger. Manual locks are much easier to unlock due to the buttons, generally, manual lock buttons are bulkier and longer. A straightened hanger with a hook on the end can easily unlock the car door. Unfortunately, the buttons of automatic locks are smaller and smoother. There are still ways to unlock a car with automatic locks.

Car App

Up-to-date cars have an app to go along with it. Auto manufacturers provide a mobile application for you to remotely unlock your car’s door. You will need to register your vehicle to your account in the app for you to be able to use this feature. This is one innovative and modern way for you not to be locked out of your car again in the future. Other auto manufacturers app provides features that allow the app to remotely start or stop the car’s engine, activate lights, sound the horn, access maintenance info and some apps even immobilize a vehicle when stolen.

Wedge and a Long Tool

The tools seem a bit crude, yet still gets the job done. The method is to use the wedge to pry a space open without damaging the locks of the car and to use a long, skinny tool to push the lock button. A simple, basic yet effective strategy will get the job done. This will also be likely done by a locksmith or other professional if you plan to contact them. The difference is you don’t need to pay anything. 

  • Wedges: Anything that is thin and strong. A knife would do the trick. There are products that are used as “auto entry tools” like an inflatable wedge kit.
  • Long Tool: Anything long and flexible like a wire coat hanger.

Trunk Door

If the car in question doesn’t have a designated mobile app to go with it and the second option doesn’t work, gaining access through the trunk door is another method. If by any chance your trunk door is open, look inside for an emergency cord. After locating it, pull the cord and the roof of the trunk opens up, creating an opening for you to crawl inside. However, this is only when your trunk door is open or unlock. Car’s with automatic locks usually locks every door on the vehicle. Making this method unlikely yet still possible.

Professional Help

If the vehicle doesn’t have a mobile app, using the second method doesn’t yield a positive result, and the third method isn’t possible to do, the only option left is to call professional help. Calling emergency road assistance or a local locksmith will be a safer and probably better method. In the case of automatic locks, every key has a specific code. Providing this code to the locksmith with other personal information in relation with the vehicle will let the locksmith duplicate the key. Another way is to call your car dealer or a local one. Every car dealership has a spare key to unlock car doors, but this key does not start the car. Before doing this, the owner must have the necessary documents to show as proof that they own the car. The only downside of this is that you have to pay them to unlock your car. 

  • Police

Calling the police is another viable option, it is also wise to call them when your situation is particularly dire. However, if you don’t have a baby or an animal inside, it is better to call a hotline for non-emergencies rather than calling emergency services.

Spare Key

Losing your key or locking it inside your car is a massive headache. Having a spare is always a wise thing. In every dealership, a car purchased will always provide a pair of keys. If you lose one of them, don’t worry, you can always order another one. But, if that sounds expensive, you can order an aftermarket version. Car Keys with Ease provides various aftermarket keys for various cars and models. You can use the search bar or use the date search to specify which car do you own. We advocate to always have a spare key in hand, whether genuine or aftermarket. The quality of the products we provide is up to par with the genuine versions, providing a quality product for a lesser price.

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