Newtownabbey Auto Locksmiths

Car Keys with Ease is a company established in Newtownabbey, Belfast. We provide our services to our customers in Newtownabbey, throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland.

We offer professional service in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whether it is car key cutting or programming, our locksmiths can do all. We trained them rigorously and supply them with the latest technological tool.


We provide a number of service for our customers:

  • Car Key Programming

Programming car keys is a task our locksmith can accomplish. They are well trained and well equipped to handle any situation.

Programming is one of many services that Car Keys with Ease provides. We deal with any type of situation that a car owner may be in. Car lockouts, repairing and replacing keys, you name it. We also have a large selection of aftermarket keys, from different makes and models to various types of keys.

Some roadside recovery companies do not own the specific equipment to handle the programming aspect of a car key, so it is wise to contact an auto locksmith first.

  • Car Key Cutting

If you’re in need of a key cut in Belfast, look no further. Car Keys with Ease can definitely help you. We keep a large number of blank keys, to better aid our customers and not let them wait for a long time. Our auto locksmiths can easily help you in replacing a key or purchasing a spare, whether a mechanical cut key or laser cut key. We made an article about the two types of car key cutting, check “Car Key Cutting – Belfast” if you’re interested.

  • Mobile Services

When fate’s twisted humor targets your key, it may happen at the most inconvenient time. Fortunately, our company is on the road at all times, so you don’t need to worry about towing your car or leaving it in a place. We are capable of reaching anywhere in Belfast and Northern Ireland. This will save a lot of time in your day, especially when you need to tow your vehicle. It will also save a lot of money, why not let the locksmith come to you?

We made an article detailing our mobile service, please check “Mobile Car Key Programming – Car Keys with Ease” if you’re interested.

  • Auto Locksmiths

Our locksmiths are constantly training and learning the latest technological advancements in modern car keys. With car manufacturers creating more sophisticated and complex cars, their car keys are more intricate as well. Our locksmiths are also well equipped for any situation our customers may be in. We provide them with anything they need to better aid you.

Our locksmiths are professionals to the core. They are known to be efficient workers, capable of working on the spot on programming and cutting keys and will get you on the road again in an hour or so. They are also licensed, insured, and reputable. Our customers would not be worried when their key suddenly breaks or when losing them when we have a team like this.

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