Car Key Cutting – Belfast

Car key cutting has rapidly improved throughout the years, it has made an enormous leap from traditional keys to technologically advanced modern keys. With the automotive industry finding new ways to improve the quality of their vehicles, so did they find new ways to improve the security of their products. With the addition of electronic devices inside the key, the way of cutting the key became more intricate and difficult to clone by any person. The improvement of car key cutting made that auto locksmiths can clone modern keys.

Two Methods of Car Key Cutting

There are two methods of car key cutting, Mechanical, and Laser cut. These two types differ in many ways:

  1. Mechanical Cut

– The traditional and common way of cutting keys. This technique can also be used by locksmiths to cut keys for your doors and drawers. This technique introduces the look of traditional keys, the metal shaft has only grooves and patterns on only one side. This makes the key fit the lock and ignition in one way. The simplicity of this makes purchasing a replacement key, spare key, or getting a locksmith to get a key locked inside a car cheaper and easier.

– Mechanical cut machines are used to cut a metal shaft, the design can be manually made. Thus, due to the simplicity of how the key is made, mechanical cut keys pose a risk to security. As newer keys are cut very differently, only a few car models supply this kind of key.

  1. Laser Cut Keys

– This is the latest and modern way of cutting keys. This technique has been used by various car manufacturers for their high-end and state-of-the-art vehicles. Due to the wide use of this technique, the services of auto locksmiths are usually availed. Laser-cut keys are typically keys with electronic devices in them like transponder keys and remote keys. Unlike mechanical cut keys, the metal shaft has grooves and patterns on both sides, making it much more secure from car theft. This also makes it more convenient as it can fit the locks of your car and the ignition either way.

– To purchase a spare or a replacement key will be expensive and it may take a while for you to get it. The process of making a laser-cut key is intricate and complex. It will be made by using an expensive laser cutter and computer programming is needed for the hardware of the key. This makes it that duplicating the key can’t be made by an inexperienced person.

Car Keys with Ease

If you’re in need of a key cut in Belfast, look no further. Car Keys with Ease can definitely help you. We offer various services to our customers, key cutting is one of them. We keep a large number of blank keys, to better aid our customers and not let them wait for a long time. Our auto locksmiths can easily help you in replacing a key or purchasing a spare, whether a mechanical cut key or laser cut key. To avail of our services, call 028 9532 0053.

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