KEY DIY – Which remote to use?

Here at Car Keys With Ease, Northern Ireland it’s important that we provide the best value and reliability to our customers when they choose an aftermarket remote for their vehicle.  That’s why we have teamed up with the folks at KEY DIY to offer affordable and reliable aftermarket remotes.

To Use KEY DIY correctly firstly search remote by car or remote type on KD software, select correct remote from your stock, plug it into your machine and select the remote that was identified in KD software. Now generate remote via Your KD unit.  Once you have generated the correct logic onto the remote, you will need to add remote to car either through onboard procedure or diagnostic depending the procedure for the specific vehicle.   For the purpose of this article, please note that all of these remotes need to be programmed via the key DIY cable. (none are to be programmed wireless)


B Series Remotes need to be generated with the cable via the remote generation port onto the PCB, to generate onto a wired board  Be sure that there is no battery on the board when generating onto PCB.
All B Series remotes come WITHOUT a transponder chip.  Programming remote and transponder chip is separate, the transponder is not built on to the board.  You will need to add a chip after to program the immobiliser.

Popular vehicles  -VW Golf 5, VW Golf 6, Ford Fiesta (pre 2014), Ford Focus (pre 2014)

Be sure that there is no battery on the board when generating onto PCB.


NB MULTIFUNCTION remotes have an integrated chip on the board and are usually used on vehicles where the remote and transponder are programmed at the same time.  Be sure that there is no battery on the board when generating onto PCB.  Transponder is built onto the PCB meaning this remote will be used for all in one programming.  i.e. PSA remotes with the end resync.

NB remotes are the latest generation of remotes for the many ID46 integrated applications (Plus ID47/ID49). Early NB remotes (pre 2019) were type specific – PSA and Honda format remotes had to be used for Peugeot, Citroen and Honda applications. These have been superseded by NB MULTIFUNCTION remotes.  If you have any old stock these older remotes can only be generated within the old NB zone on your KeyDIY device; they cannot be generated on the main menu.  If you are a new user, you should only concern yourself with NB multifunction remotes which will cover most functions of the old, defunct ones.


Generating the Smart remote is the same as the other versions. You’re able to generate
proximity system keys but also some standard remote keys such as MQB remote key. By generating
on to the flip out MQB SMART REMOTE  you can generate a normal MQB remote key.  You generate via the cable and ensure there is no battery on the board while generating.

Choosing the correct remote may seem daunting however there are helpful tips on the KD comments which can guide you in the correct direction.  Also, look for identifying features, numbers etc on the current remote for a helping hand.  Also if you choose the wrong remote, the KD device will bring up an error and it will not generate.

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