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Smart (stylized as smart) is a Daimler AG car brand and division. The company is headquartered in Böblingen, Germany. It primarily manufactures microcars and subcompacts, namely the Fortwo and Forfour. Smartville in Hambach, France, is the principal assembly plant. Revoz, situated in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, is a Renault-owned company that has also built Smart automobiles. Smart is sold in 46 countries, and production of the Fortwo had reached 1.7 million devices by early 2015.

The name Smart stems from the cooperation of the Swiss company Swatch with Mercedes-Benz: “Swatch Mercedes ART”. In its branding, the corporation lowercases its logotype and the logo featuring a “c” and an arrow for the car’s “cute” “compact” and “forward thinking” appearance accordingly.

Mercedes-Benz developed the design idea for the marque’s automobiles from the early 1970s through the late 1980s. Daimler-Benz released the first model in October 1998, after a brief period of support from Volkswagen. Several variations on the basic design have been created, with the “Fortwo” being the original. In March 2019, Geely and Daimler AG announced the formation of the Smart Automobile Co., Ltd., an evenly owned worldwide joint venture aiming at producing Smart-badged automobiles in China for global distribution.

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