Antonino Malaguti started Malaguti, an Italian bicycle, scooter, and motorbike firm, in San Lazzaro di Savena in 1930. They started out with bicycles and then moved on to motorcycles in 1958. Their bikes are known for having modest engines. Malaguti laid off its remaining employees in Bologna, Italy, in October 2011 as the company eventually dissolved. The Austrian firm KSR Group GmbH bought the company in 2018.

Malaguti later struggled to compete against the surge of low-cost mopeds and bikes from China and other Asian countries. The government also provided financial assistance to the company, which terminated in the same month as the company’s closure. Temporary employees were fired as early as 2009-2010. The factory’s production ceased in April 2011, and the doors were officially closed on October 31, 2011. 170 people were laid off, with each receiving €30,000 in severance money.

17 personnel were retained to fulfill contractual requirements for spare parts and to dismantle the production line; following that, they were relocated to a smaller facility to continue their responsibilities. The corporation was founded with a €40 million capital. On the 19th of December 2011, the Malaguti factory’s enormous sign was removed. The company was bought by the Austrian firm ‘KSR Group GmbH’ in 2018, and the first motorcycles were released in February 2019.

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