How Do I Get a Spare Key for My Car?

It is unfortunate some people look at spare keys as a luxury and not as a necessity. There are so many reasons why that isn’t so. Sure, car keys in the past few years have gone up in price but there is a reason why people spout the wisdom of having a spare. A spare will definitely help you to get out of unfortunate circumstances that car owners around the world deal with. Investing in one will help you in the long run.

Save Money & Time

Losing a key, getting it stolen, breaking a key, locking it inside of your car are some of the situations where a spare could come in handy. When you don’t have a spare, you will waste money ordering a replacement. You will also your time waiting for your replacement key instead of using it for some other purpose. A spare key will do wonders to a person when they find themselves in a situation of lost keys, stolen keys, or locked inside car keys. Also, if there comes a time when you plan to sell or trade your car, having a spare will add resale value to it. The added value will not be tremendous, but the added value is still added value.

Makes Certain Situations Easier

Having a spare will definitely make it easier for a locksmith or car dealer to replace your main key if lost, stolen, broken, or locked inside a car. With the spare key, it will cut the time needed for them to replace your key. Without it, a locksmith or car dealer would cut and program a key from scratch.

Having a spare will also help with customization. There are car keys with different features that limits something of the car, limiting the top speed or limiting the volume of the radio are examples. Having a spare that was programmed a certain way would be a way to secure the vehicle and the passengers, an example are teen drivers or student drivers.

What Do You Need?

Ordering a spare key is like ordering a replacement but it may be cheaper. When ordering a replacement key, one must show proper paperwork. Ownership papers, VIN, immobilizer code, and such. When ordering a spare, showing up to a locksmith or car dealer with your main key would suffice. With your key in hand, it would be easier for them to remake a key rather than doing it by scratch, as stated above.

Make, Year, & Model

When planning to approach a locksmith or car dealer, make sure you have the important information written down. The make, model, and year of the vehicle. Be specific when it comes to the year and model, some car manufacturers produce special edition cars. Unique cars and their keys will be unique to them. If you own one of these special edition cars, specify which model and what year was it registered.

Locksmiths and Car Dealers

With those at hand, you have two options, locksmiths, or car dealers. Our previous articles already talked about this. Mainly, when a person owns an older car, locksmiths can simply fashion a key. Without the complexity of newer keys, locksmiths are a great choice to purchase a spare from. Newer car keys are difficult to deal with, with programming and all, by locksmiths so the best choice to approach is the car dealers. Programming takes the bulk of the effort to produce a spare and car dealers have the necessary tools and equipment to program a newer key.


The price varies from car to car, model to model. If you have a high-end vehicle, chances are the spare key you want would be costly. If you want to cut costs, there are ways for you not to burn too much money.


If you worry that getting a spare might be too expensive, check with your car dealer or insurance company. With the price of modern cars and the complexity of high-end keys, they are bound to be painfully costly to purchase a spare. There are insurance policies about car keys, some policies might give you a spare while others would just ask for a small fee. This is a way to cut costs if you want to get a spare.

Aftermarket Keys

If your insurance does not have a policy on keys and you are still worried about the price, you could purchase aftermarket keys. The quality of these keys varies but they usually get the job done like their original counterparts. If you’re not willing to pay too much for a spare key, try giving an aftermarket key a shot. Car Keys With Ease provide car keys of different brands and different models, click in the search bar and type the key you need. We will do the rest.

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