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Your Number 1 resource for Spare Car Keys in Northern Ireland.  Use the search function above or Logo’s below to find your model to book a spare vehicle key.  All prices include cutting and programming to your vehicle.  If you Have Lost All Your Keys, Please CLICK HERE

Our team at Car Keys With Ease, NI has all the car key programming  experience and appropriate diagnostic equipment to service any type of vehicle or van*. Want a new remote or fob for your car, motorbike or van? Call Car Keys With Ease, NI and we will be at your location anywhere within 20 miles of Belfast and Newtownabbey.  For queries throughout the rest of Northern Ireland, please call us for a quote on 028 9532 0053

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Locksmith Experts Specialization

Our auto locksmith experts specialize in all types of car key replacements. We work with all standard car keys, along with the following:

*Car Remotes *Smart keys *Transponder keys *Proximity keys *Retro car keys

Some of our customers in Northern Ireland ask us to duplicate a key that they have within reach, while others call us because their key got broken or lost.

If you don’t have a spare vehicle key to show us, we will use your car’s VIN number and professional software that can be accessed only by certified specialists in order to figure out how exactly your car key should be cut. Car Keys With Ease NI offer a fully mobile auto locksmith service and your brand new car key will be made right on the spot 99 percent of the time.

No matter which key type you need, our professional auto locksmith team in Belfast, Northern Ireland is here to help you.

Our Services

Car Lockout Services

If you find yourself in a lockout situation due to car keys issues, we are ever ready to help you.

Car Key Programming

Our well-equipped and experienced Auto Locksmiths in Northern Ireland know exactly what type of car keys should be programmed to your vehicle

Ignition Repair

Our Auto Locksmiths are well versed in handling ignition issues with precision and efficiency in a minimal time.

Lock Picking

Lock picking on vehicles is a delicate matter, and that is why our Auto Locksmiths use the best quality lockpicks to do the job.

Why Choose Us?

The top reason why Car Keys With Ease NI is the best, is that we offer quick and professional auto locksmith service. We believe that quality should be at the forefront of our service. Our team of Auto Locksmiths are highly equipped with the necessary locksmith skills and can diagnose car key issues.