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Spare 5 Button Fobik Remote for Chrysler Grand Voyager


Suitable for the following models (fitted with motorised rear doors):

  • Grand Voyager / Town and Country (2008 - 2013)
Remote Fob for Chrysler Grand Voyager. Chrylser Equivalent Part Numbers: 56046710AG (5026119AB, 5026119AC, 5026119AD, 5026119AE, 5026119AF, 56046710AA, 56046710AB, 56046710AC, 56046710AD, 56046710AE, 56046710AF, 68043595AA, 68043595AB, 68043595AC, 68066875AA, 68079807AA) 5 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Boot, Left Door & Right Door Transponder: ID46 - PCF7941 Frequency: 433 Mhz Key Blade: Y160